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followed by trouncing Xiao Qisha the side door. Action neat, not at all messy.Peng! Quan Jin Wu Amon boom in the arm, followed by a shrink Xiao Qisha body, elbow crashed heavily Wu Amon chest. With his strength, which if hit in, that people do not break bones that way? These people are looking around times are tight, it makes some Tangzai Yu Zhang devastated and depressed. 'they want to take advantage of the stage during the fighting force, to sell some of the cold, or what it drinks. But now, these people craned their necks, to focus on the stage, on which two of their delicate flowers, a direct turn a blind eye.they are still not a man to die? Zhang devastated and Tangzi Yu Hu Wang a party, and my heart there is a decision to wait until the end of the second fight, we must rest thirty minutes, take the opportunity to sell more drinks, otherwise not go to waste such a great opportunity Well .Wu Amon and it did not go to dodge, he is still with his arm block, followed curled his knees, pounding Shaw Qisha crotch.Qisha stood aside Xiao Wu Amon taking advantage of the fist as rain, facing Xiao Qisha is a pass bombing. This too is how offensive it? Even staring at a purely commercial watching boat, are tempted to stand up straight, dilating the Cheap Nike Free Powerlines On Sale mouth, in front of the scene to be overawed.which if put in the Three Kingdoms era, the young tiger is crazy ah!thus robbed Wu Amon offensive, you want to re-comeback difficult. Xiao Qisha deep breath a sigh of relief, hard hard horse Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Sale tie, followed by Wu Amon Kaka is the fight to a. Two people who do not give way, as if on the battlefield, and each land are not willing to lose.this is really the kind of meat, very popular, exciting, Wang Tan Lang and Li Ergou than just a fight, it is even more tragic.Qin breaking the military's face calm, the heart is secretly surprised and worried, how could this be it? It seems far more profound than you think Louie Castro in the more powerful. Order now and Wu Xiao tiffany blue nikes Qisha Amon situation, the winner remains to be seen ah? At least, Xiao Qisha not occupy advantage.fact, Xiao Qi is truly mind suffer in silence, Wu Amon's arm like a steel foundry in general, continuous recklessly, he felt his arm have some numbness, swelling up. And Wu Amon, just like iron, covered have to make endless effort, he is a human or beast, ah?Suddenly, Xiao Qisha two steps back, pulled out a knife from his waist, a direct stab to the Wu Amon belly.laugh! Wu Amon a sideways, rubbing his body dagger stabbed in the past, even his clothes gave punctured. This time, the Wu Amon is really to annoy. Just n