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and said: 'That ...... me, my name Cheap Nike Lunarspider LT Sale is Li Ergou ......'who thought Zhang power rubbing his body went directly seize Louie Castro Miao, excited and said:. 'Guge, you ...... you're back.'Louie Castro Miao touched his nose, laments:. 'little power, you are really drastic change gentile, I almost did not recognize you come.'Zhang hands clinging to power Louie Castro Miao, cried and said: 'how do you say a hybrid so you will never think of me as a friend you would rather work at the site, but also do not want to come to me??. 'Louie Castro Miao open arms, stroking her pink think back, finally refrained gently patted her shoulder, light laugh:? 'Who says I'm working on your site I was coming to find a friend . ''find me?''uh, not ...... you are the chairman, so many people worry yet, pay attention nike free run tiffany blue to the image.''I do not care.'Zhang Miao power hugged Louie Castro does not cast the arm, pulling went away, walking and asked: '? you go back to the back of the South River City, will stay?'so many people looked, Louie Castro Miao was really somewhat awkward, he smiled and said: '? line, do not ask, we find a place to sit.'beast ah! These workers mind, almost the same time so the words came out, and Wu and Li Ergou son Amon's eyes, but it is full of worship. Guge really is not an ordinary man, ah, just came to the site, put their minds to soak away the goddess. Moreover, he also faces child in front of them and nike tiffany blue say to do so.too straightforward, right? This is done to find a place to do it? Who would have thought that they did not object to the goddess, just so awkward nod.Louie Castro Miao back and said: 'Two Gouzi, Wu Amon, my contact with you at night.'Li Ergou child and Wu Amon nodded and said: 'Good, good.'they are very honorable, he was soaking the sheets less power and allows them to soak away the Guge, that is an honor ah. Charity begins at fields, white cheaper than other men strong. Wait until Guge back, non-They could ask, do, in the end is how to do it? The more detailed the better.'on the train!'Zhang power to open the door, and directed Miao Louie Castro smiled.Louie Castro Miao nodded and got into the car. That little bitch on his unfriendly, eyes staring at him sweep and sweep, which makes Louie Castro Miao was very unhappy. Ye right? He gave a hug backhand Zhang power in the arms, and then stared at the little white face look so, I was afraid you eat me.Zhang powers face a red, pushed Louie Castro Miao, introduced:. '. white, he is my boyfriend often told you, Louie Castro Miao Guge, he was my bodyguard, called white'white face