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e'leaves mother laughed a little and said: 'I did not know you smell the delicious fragrance ah, ah, what we eat at noon??'blue autumn leaves her mother came to hold to the old sofa in the living room, then crouched beside her, loudly: 'Mom, I'm in front of the school to find a part-time Cheap Nike Free Size 12 On Sale job, one hour earn 30 dollars of it, etc. Over time, I will be able to buy you a wheelchair. 'leaves mother gently stroking her hair, was very pleased and said: 'Our family blue autumn most capable, but this is not to buy a wheelchair, I'm in the room, but also with less.''how to use less ah? wheelchair, you will help me get a meal, help me clean up the room, and then I come back every day, you can eat meals warming up.'blue autumn leaves with a smile and opened the snack box, a box of dishes is roast quail eggs, a box of vegetables are minced eggplant, two lunches, food is very good. Autumn leaves blue two tone hard to take a deep breath, exclaimed: Cheap Nike Free Run 2 On Sale 'wow, incense and ah, Mom, you eat meat.'leaves the mother said: 'I do not eat, you eat.'blue autumn leaves Duzhuoxiaozui said: 'This is our boss to work meal, I did not spend money you do not eat, I do not eat.''Well, well, I eat.''ah, this quail eggs are good, you try.'073 Chapter Guge, you soak her!rich, had a rich people had the money to people's lives.Which is better? Only happiness is most important. His father died, the mother paralyzed in bed, suffering every day, happy every day, blue autumn leaves happy to be alive then why not? It should be said that she is a very strong girl. Most people do change, most likely would have been crushed.chairs upside down, Tang Zaiyu sitting in a chair, arms cross on the back, eating the cold, while Miao Louie Castro spoke with autumn leaves blue thing. From freshman to junior year, the autumn leaves are the kind of blue sky arrogant woman, very proud. A sudden one day, her family out of the accident, so her life has plummeted. Before those jealous of her girls, they all schadenfreude. They look forward to the more bitter, the better her life, Who she is so proud of people?people, is one such heart, I compare you, I hope you're just miserable than me.Miao Louie Castro asked: 'What is illness her mother that way?'Tangzai Yu shook his head and said: 'That I do not know, the blue autumn leaves no friends, few things about her family with people nike free tiffany blue so that I know is very little, however, before her mother's body has been quite. Well, it should be her father committed suicide, suddenly misfortune caused. Alas, she was a poor man, very strong, and I admire her.