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lue autumn leaves, right? also recognize me? 'hesitated, staring at the autumn leaves blue Miao Louie Castro saw two, say nothing, and walked away.What does this mean ah? This girl is too sensitive, I just ask you know do not know, and did not intend to soak you. Alas, it is estimated that Cheap Nike Free Size 12 On Sale haunts her man too much, she gave herAlso as a wolf, right? This allows Louie Castro Miao some depressed, how likely he is a wolf it? Is a good little sheep is also just need people, and they do not exactly want to help her, to 'atone' for it? Miao Louie Castro walked quickly ran out, and loudly: 'blue autumn leaves, we are recruiting people shop, if you think you can, let it go ...... Well, in front of the store to talk about.'blue autumn leaves hesitated, finally stopped and asked: '? Here is how you work, but also how to calculate wages.'Louie Castro Miao said: 'We are here to work, there are two, one is a full-time, that is, every morning at eight, to four o'clock, which is the day shift the night shift is from four o'clock to ten o'clock at night. Bell, overtime another operator. there is a part-time wages by the hour count. 'blue autumn Cheap Nike Free Powerlines On Sale leaves pondered a moment, and asked:?. 'I have to attend class during the day, then ...... it on the night shift, however, four o'clock in the afternoon, I have not school, probably to five from five o'clock o'clock, work until ten o'clock at night, you see, okay? ''Yes, no problem.''That ...... I would like to find time during the day to come, come to work, you can follow-hour count money?'a result that can be seen, this girl's life is very embarrassed. Now, basically in the work-study status. This makes the hearts of some guilt Miao Louie Castro, smiled and said:. 'If you really want to do, then so be it we also do not follow the day shift, night shift to calculate, and when you have the time to come, I am every hour give you 30 bucks wages. working day, until the next day to go to work, I will immediately give you the settlement you see how? '072 Chapter simple lifeone hour 30, which is really not low wages. If she works six hours a day, that is 180 dollars a. Month, that is, 5400. No matter where workers have no such wages autumn leaves staring Louie Castro Miao looked and looked and nodded and said:. 'Thank you, boss, I'm willing to do.'Louie Castro Miao laughed: 'I'm not the boss, our boss was a girl, I was working, she may be to come back in the afternoon, when you nike free tiffany blue go to work.?''I go to work ...... now can you?''ah, of course, can.'Louie Castro Miao little nervous, there is a bit exci