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you to a surprise.' 'that even a few days, Miao Louie Castro has given her too much surprise. For business, she no longer had that only knows sit watching, buying trinkets of little chicks. Used to describe reborn, too. Louie Castro Miao heart touches pondered another thing, do the demolition man gave the following notice, let him have to go tomorrow. It seems not to die, he would also like to look back, do the demolition man, to have any kind of means.Tangzi Yu laughed: 'When we busy today, and went to look for the shop.'this time, He Runxi walked over, smiled and said:. '? Miss Zhang, see the business you this time, really hot today, ah how kind it was not any less money.'Zhang devastated patting bulging pockets, grinned:. 'okay, okay.'He Runxi to Louie Castro handed to a child Miao smoke, laughed:. 'Jia brothers, I want you to discuss things.'Louie Castro Miao light: 'What the boss say.'He Runxi said: 'It's not good business to do, ah, we are using a commercial electric, ah you a dollar once again in the doorway of our flower shop staged a freezer, I blocked a lot of business go on like this. You say we can how to live ah. 'Louie Castro Miao's eyes Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs 3 Women narrowed a gap, smiled and said:. 'What the boss, we are not understanding one or two days, what then confessed it.''You give me a day's pay electricity bills 20, too little, 100 is also similar.''100 pieces?' Before what Louie Castro said Miao, Zhang devastated already jumped over, shouted: 'You go out to grab a good, our freezer, then how electricity can not take a hundred dollars a day , right? 'He Runxi said: 'This is not just a problem of the shop, you also block many of our business, you say, do not compensate for this loss do you make so much money every day, this 100 is nothing, right?.'It made clear, that is blackmail, that is bullying you, so what? Zhang devastated regarded as an opportunity to learn first-hand, no rape is not. She was just about to say something, Louie Castro Miao has pulled out 100 dollars, superimpose He Runxi, smiled and said:. 'That should be given, should tiffany blue nike shoes be given.'He Runxi on the music, Oh said:. 'That line, you will continue busy.'Zhang devastated Tiffany Blue Free Runs shouted: 'Guge, how do you give him 100 dollars it it's not about the money, he made clear it is to bully us?.'Louie Castro Miao short laugh: 'Not enough people Tunxiang, do you understand what it meant to him, this is simply not directed to a hundred dollars, but deliberately to high prices, we want to oust?. And he? can through our reputation, put a freezer in here, is to hire someone to sell ice watermelon, is