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r's leg up'blue autumn leaves and said: 'Well, now, two legs have perceived me to believe that she will soon be Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs 3 Women able to stand up Jia buy nike free teacher, really thank you ...'Louie Castro Miao laughed: 'What good Xie Yeah, all right.'blue autumn leaves reddish cheeks, a small channel: 'Jia teacher, I have a thing ...... I want to tell you.'Louie Castro Miao heart is jump, and she will not be offered to accompany their sleep thing, right? The key is, but it is not exactly explain, you can not talk to her, to help her because her father leaves Holo. After all, Ye Luo indirectly to their own killed. This kind of thing, how are autumn leaves along the side walk, Louie Castro Miao actually a little nervous, and asked: '? What thing ah.'autumn leaves Blue said:? 'Jia teacher at the school in recent years, and I strive to learn traditional Chinese medicine the However, in the school are some theoretical basics, you can not teach me ...... Yeah, I want to learn Chinese medicine, I would also like you to become a doctor. ''Oh? was this thing ah.''I know this is very embarrassing thing, every doctor of Chinese medicine has its own unique skills ......''What do you think?'Louie Castro Miao laughed: 'Chinese medicine is scraping, massage, orthopedic, acupuncture, etc., you want to learn?'blue autumn leaves: 'I want to learn acupuncture.''acupuncture?'Louie Castro Miao said: 'But a university asked acupuncture, acupuncture points of the human body and so must have some understanding ......'blue autumn leaves quickly said: 'I had the research E3 ghk study medicine, acupuncture points for the body also know that acupuncture is not much practical experience, however, I believe that I am sure can do it..'Jia has a bronze dolls, doll's whole body is copper, but the points on the human body, but it is the software. Acupuncture needle into the software used on the body with piercing points really feel the same, this is Jia baby. Unfortunately, it is not at Lingnan City, and Louie Castro Miao was not any face back, otherwise, non-bronze dolls will take over to blue autumn leaves, so she can not practice acupuncture.see Louie Castro Miao pondered the thought Louie Castro autumn leaves blue Miao disagree directly to the Tiffany Free Runs Sale sleeve to pull up, biting his lips and said: 'Jia teacher, you see, I will be able to learn acupuncture.''ah? this ...... this is your own bundle? you this is why he does.''Jia teacher, I have confidence in ourselves, I hope you can teach me.'Louie Castro Miao a surprise, in the autumn leaves blue arm, have dense needle children are