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l fall into the trap again. Miao and Louie Castro is not the same, Louie Castro Miao is the first one, take him Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs 3 Women to see people as human beings. Such people, he followed willingly.Louie Castro Miao patted him on the shoulder, lightly:. 'pack up, go to work tonight.'Cap 141 bundled sales philosophyBar want to make money, the unique style of decoration is on the one hand, but also a set of standards and a variety of performances.this as a standard, it seems that the bar is what consumer groups, or students, businessmen, or those Xianzarenyuan society. According to consumer groups, to determine the style of decoration, this can allow customers to have a comfortable retain customers, is a variety tiffany blue nike shoes of performances and maid thing.performances, not to say, on stage and sing and dance so simple. That is too rigid, and two days okay, a long time, but the lack of customers on the freshness. Really draw the customers are doing with their interactive programs, Guessing Game, craps, tiffany blue nikes Pinjiu so, like any game will do.Thus, the interaction between those ladies drinks will earn money, which even more than their monthly salary.wait until the evening, Chen Gong came about as devastated bars, Zhang devastated, Tangzai Yu Miao and Louie Castro with his side. He walked side, side pointed to various deficiencies, every point eloquence, so that all three open horizons.Zhang devastated asked: 'Chen Gong, in accordance with that ...... you said that we should put a bar in which to locate a piece of it? ''Chen Gong said: 'This year, students earn money is the best teacher and Jia few and the Medical University of South River, you can break out advertising, let's devastated bars, is designed to prepare students for the bar here, and want. To what there is. 'Tangzai Yu muttered: 'This, the line touches the line, however, that we should give up on those who do their society is quite a large scale consumer groups?.'Chen Gong laughed: 'Quite simply, the bars do not have four floors on the first floor and second floor are these people in the community, as the main consumer groups in style, you can do a hot, insolent little?. from children, as much as possible to stimulate their hormones naturally is big money. while on the third floor, fourth floor, is a student at the school-based, we can engage in a separate channel directly to the third floor, you can also third floor stairs, put two guards, up to the third floor who wants to be a student card, otherwise, all free entry. 'this right, really clearly and logically ah!Louie Castro Miao said: 'Chen Gong, looking o