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hang devastated calling.Miao Louie Castro turned quickly pressed the button, Zhang devastated asked: '?. Guge, Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs 3 Women Where are you now, Ziyu and tiffany blue nikes blue autumn are in the store, and let's get down to business quickly running a Son' 'Louie Castro Miao laughed: 'I have to get you quickly to your uncle called and asked if he has got Qi Huan Yuan private seal it.''get?''Yes, you talk di say, wait a minute we two went to the hospital. looking over your door in the cold store for me, I'll be into.''a properly properly.'to the Medical University of South River entrance, Louie Castro Miao car will stop.pure and asked: 'What?'Louie Castro Miao said: 'Get off, ah, I have important things to attend to it.'pure body tilted, looking over to the door and looked at ice cream shops, laughed: '?? Oh you are afraid of the little girl saw it shrouded in sheets, kinda cute.'Louie Castro Miao smile:? 'You can not help but so dirty ah I told her, but pure male-female relationships.'pure quite innocent: tiffany blue nikes 'I did not say anything else, ah, what do you think?'Miao Louie Castro looked and looked at her from the face, the neck, chest, has been down ...... and then, suddenly hugged her, kissed her fiercely lips, until she suffocated When, Then he let go of her, loudly: 'Get off, washed fragrant at night to wait for me.'pure on the music, jumped off the car, Ping Ping curl, is how the kinds of style.Su Daji she is not the reincarnation of the way? Hu also ruthless than Meier. But think also, if she did not want life, how could seriously threaten Hu Enchantress it? Louie Castro stepped foot throttle Miao children, the car and go to the street on the right, opposite shrouded in cold stores to stop, according to a couple of speakers.Then he jumped down from the car, waving directed Meng Zhang devastated. Zhang devastatedlooked around, bobbing jump up a few steps, sat in the copilot's position.Louie Castro Miao just start the car, Zhang devastated asked: 'Guge, you just do not stop at the door of the Medical University of yet I saw that the teacher from the car down, that you guys go? Mingyuan large pharmacy? 'eyes how this girl so so that ah? Louie Castro Miao laughed: 'Yes, we were going to do this, we should really thank her ah..''That ...... how do you not call her now come with us? I may ask her to dinner.''She has things very busy, another day.'Zhang devastated Oh, sigh, and asked: 'Guge, that you are not cheating with her ah I know you guys ah, are like the kind of hair sao charming woman, but she is like that,?. I tell you, I feel you do not fit her. 'Miao Lou